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Anni Hofmann Stiftung

The Foundation: Vision and Goal

The Foundation’s purpose is the promotion of scientific research on the formation, causes, early detection, prevention and alternative treatment of glioblastoma. Radiation therapies are definitively excluded. The projects funded by the Foundation examine common questions related to the disease, such as the extent to which the body’s own immune system could be strengthened or even regenerated to combat the development of glioblastoma. Already existing medical research in this field gives reason to hope that this could be a successful form of treatment. The Anni Hofmann Foundation aims to support just this type of medical inquiry.

The Anni Hofmann Foundation was registered under German law on April 9th 2013 and approved by the government of Upper Bavaria. Financial audits are routinely executed and the use of funds is subject to control by the regional tax authority.

The founder of the Anni Hofmann Foundation is the Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH (part of the WACK GROUP).

Stifter Anni Hofmann Stiftung

Anni Hofmann Foundation


The event preceding the establishment of the Foundation was the death of my partner for many years, Anni Hofmann, on 10th September 2012. She passed away after the diagnosis of a glioblastoma. All therapies, which reflect the state of knowledge at that time such as surgery, irradiation and chemotherapy, proved to be entirely ineffective. Within the remaining short period of time until her death, signs of paralysis, cramps and the failure of many bodily functions occurred. Upon witnessing this bodily demise and the related suffering, together with the helplessness experienced by the doctors every day, I decided to launch the Foundation with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the formation and development of glioblastoma. The ultimate goal is to illuminate new therapy options through this Foundation.

Dr. O.K. Wack

Anni Hofmann Stiftung

Anni Hofmann

She held a leading position responsible for the creation and expansion of the commercial area of the WACK GROUP. Through her work, she sparked and promoted the corporate success form inside out, all the while maintaining an employee-oriented climate through her effective and warm-hearted leadership. Her tireless commitment to the company was a cornerstone of the company’s growth, and she worked diligently until her tragic death in 2012.

The Foundation is dedicated to her memory.

Anni Hofmann Foundation

Executive Board

The people working within the Foundation, such as the Executive Board, Scientific Advisory Board and Administration, work on a voluntary basis to ensure that all financial resources flow into research.

The Executive Board consists of the shareholder of O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH Dr. rer. nat. Harald Wack, Dr. Michael Breyer and Dr. Christoph Brase.

Vorstand Anni Hofmann Stiftung

Dr. Harald Wack

Vorstand Anni Hofmann Stiftung

Dr. Michael Breyer

Vorstand Anni Hofmann Stiftung

Dr. Christoph Brase

Anni Hofmann Foundation

Scientific Advisory Board

The Anni Hofmann Foundation is supported by the Scientific Advisory Board with renowned members Prof. Dr. med. Manfred Westphal, Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Steinbach and Prof. Dr. med. Louisa von Baumgarten.

The Scientific Advisory Board’s critical role is shaped by its selection of research projects, along with regular monitoring of scientific efforts.

Dr. med. Manfred Westphal

Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Steinbach


Prof. Dr. med. Louisa von Baumgarten

Anni Hofmann Foundation

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